pretended and hypocrite

I can’t stand to be pretended and hypocrites all the time while with this family member. It is not about forgive and forget about the past. Also not about blaming others for all the incident happened.

I can’t face to face with them anymore for the time being. There are a lot of feels deep inside my heart right now. All the feels such anger, frustration, hurt and having a strong feel of dislike towards this family member especially for the eldest.

Seems that I can’t accept the fate (is it what we call fate?). No. It is not that the point. I accept the entire destiny given by Allah with all my souls. But, it might take some time... it is not easy for me to go through all the hardest time in my life.

Until this second, I still remember and can’t forget the words and statement said by them on the day. It always appears in my mind and it hurt me (us) too much after what we had sacrificed for this family.

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